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Packet Radio
Wisper (WSPR)

Packet Radio AX25

I started Packet Radio late 1989 which was very active then with live Data QSO's BBS's DX Clusters, I liked Node hopping myself and Live QSO's Also sending messages and sending them to other packet users all over the UK and also via HF nodes up and down the UK.

The first TNC that I used was the Tiny2 from PacCom which is a Stand alone device with transceiver.

Now in 2019 I'm using a program called 'EasyTerm with SoundModem' which you can download from HERE

Andy's UZ7HO Website can be found HERE And very easy to setup and use with Windows.

I also have the Kantronics Kam XL TNC but find that the Software is more sensitive!

Kantronics Kam XL
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