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Raspberry Pi & DVap

For quite a while I was wondering how to get the Raspberry Pi which is a small mini computer working with the DVap which is a mini QRP powered personal hot spot as I wanted a small Stand alone unit so that I could just leave it on rather than having to use a computer tower or a laptop

DVap & RaspberryPi USB side

The Raspberry Pi computer is normally connected to the DCS 005B Reflector and I use the x-Net Dashboard to see who is using the system. It can also be connected to X-Reflectors etc.Pi and DVap

I have had a lot of help getting up and running from Brian GW6WTK and first found Brian's You tube video HERE

RaspberryPi Side viewI have been testing out diff rent Images to work with my Raspberry Pi & DVap which has been very interesting to me.

Brian's web site is HERE as it explains what you need and how to go about setting the Raspberry Pi up with the DVap.

Also there is a You Tube video HERE that shows the DVap and Raspberry Pi using 3G via a mobile phone!



SDCard side


You will need to have Win32DiskImager to Write the imager to the SDCard See HERE for more information

They are all the same with different startup options (images)

All instructions for VNC Viewer and expanding the root-partition are on the desktop

Thanks again to Brian GW6WTK for these Links and for helping the DStar community.

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